10 Inspiring Website Headline Examples  

Website headline examples

A visitor spends “less than 15 seconds” on a web page….

…this statement was constantly playing in my mind for the last two months. 


Because I had to create five different websites’ copies. All in different niches!

So, you can say I had a few pretty busy days, going through several website headline examples.

While doing my preliminary research, one question was always on my mind: 

What can I do differently to make all my websites to ‘stand out’ and ‘sell out’ simultaneously?

So, like a true copywriter, I started reading articles and exploring similar brands’ sites. 

And, after a long reading session, I found my Answer:

A Catchy Website Headline! 

Yep, the main headline that every visitor read. It is a perfect place for pitching a strong message. 

But, it raised another question:

How to compel visitors in just 5-10 words to take action?

So, I dug deeper and developed a formula to create result-driven website headlines. You can check out my SELL website headline generator formula below. 

During my research, I also found some extremely inspiring website headline examples that I would also like to share with you all. 

So, let’s get started! 

SELL Formula to Write Selling Website Headline With Examples

Okay, so the name might sound cliche (maybe too much). But, trust me, it is an effective website headline generator formula, stands for—

S — Specific 

E — Emotions 

L — Lucrative 

L — Longing

Let’s talk in detail…

Insanely Specific Headlines

Your main web page headline needs to be Specific. 

It should immediately tell visitors what your website is about?

Take this website headline for an example—

Website headline examples

No fluff or flowery words. Here, I simply mentioned what my client’s site offers? 

They offer “Qualified Engineers,” so I just make it the main website headline. Even I kept subheading to the point. 

Takeaway: Be direct!

Aggressively Emotional Headlines

Emotional headlines tend to encourage users more to take action.  

But, the question is how to create emotional headlines?

Simply use emotionally-charged power words while writing web page headlines. 

As my favourite copywriter Jon Morrow says—

Power Words = Emotional Words Packed with Persuasion.

For example, here I have created two sliders with two strong power words:

Website headline examples
Website headline examples

Splendid and Spellbinding are the two emotional power words that defines my client’s brand value. 

Takeaway: Target readers’ emotions. 

Boldly Lucrative Headline 

Users are only interested in knowing how your services can benefit them. 

They have no interest in knowing technical details or features. 

As Gary Herbert (God of copywriting) always said, focus on product benefits rather than features. 

So, using this golden copywriting rule, I created this lucrative headline. 

Website headline examples

This client’s core users are professionals and corporate companies who are busy people with different needs. 

So, the headline simply states how users can get complete IT services in one place. They don’t have to go anywhere else to find IT solutions and that’s a major benefit for busy people. 

Takeaway: Only benefits matter to users. 

Hammer on Longing 

Longing means a feeling of having something that you don’t have. In technical terms, it’s called FOMO. 

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a great trigger to motivate people to take action. 

You won’t believe it, but 60% of people make purchases because of FOMO. 

While creating a headline for a new payroll software page for one of my regular client, I tried to exploit FOMO like this:

Website headline examples

The headline hammers over users longing that they are using outdated software. And they are missing out on the Payroll 2.0 solution. 

Takeaway: Slightly manipulate your customers emotions with FOMO. 

10 Unique Website Headline Examples — My Personal Favourite 

Before writing headlines for your next website writing project, make sure to check out these ten popular website headline examples:


Slack website headline example is the perfect combination of main headings and subheadings. The main heading straightway tells what they are, and the subheading shows what they can do for you. 

Website headline examples
Source: Slack

They triggered emotions by showing how teamwork is messy. And cleverly pitched Slack as a perfect solution for effective team collaboration. Literally, in 32 words, they explained and sold Slack. 

Neil Patel

Do you know Neil Patel? Of course, who doesn’t know him in the digital marketing world? He just asked one simple question to sell his brand. 

Website headline examples
Source: Neil Patel

And, that’s it! Without any complex words or phrases, he made his sales pitch. 

Plus, that location-based generated subheadings always awestruck new visitors. It helps to establish personal connections with visitors. 


Jon Morrow is a well-known copywriter with numerous successful marketing campaigns in his kitty. On his website headline, he followed my SELL headline generator formula to the dot since great minds think alike. 

Website headline examples
Source: SmartBlogger

He simply stated that he offers a cheat sheet to become a freelance writer, which is sufficient to grab visitor’s attention. 

Further, the strong power words and FOMO strategy is perfectly used to tap into the user’s mind. 


Freshworks website headline shows how professional website headlines should look like. 

Website headline examples
Source: Freshwork

This headline contains a clear and concise message with the support of some power words. For creating a SaaS product headline, this website headline example is the best to inspire. 


How to take leverage from punctuation marks while writing headlines can be seen through Loom’s web copy!

Website headline examples
Source: Loom

They have created a catchy and crisp headline using lots of comas. Now, this is a great strategy when you want to say too much in fewer words. 

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg’s web headline is a prime example of Social Proof and FOMO. 

Website headline examples
Source: Crazy Egg

With the line — “Over 300,000 websites use Crazy Egg” — they have created a result-driven hook line. Plus, numbers and facts are a great way to motivate users. 


L’Oréal took a completely different route with its headline. They promoted a cause through their website. 

Website headline examples
Source: L’Oréal

For an established brand, this style of headline structure is perfect. That’s because people are already aware of your brand. You just need to give them a reason to shop from you!


There’s always a better way to do things! It is an underwhelming statement to show visitors that you can market better!

Website headline examples
Source: HubSpot

HubSpot has subtly manipulated users’ longing and promoted their services with their headline. When you want to pitch mildly, refer to this website headline example. 


The complete opposite to Hubspot, Ahrefs header talks directly and aggressively.

Website headline examples
Source: Ahrefs

It offers lucrative benefits — “With Ahrefs, you don’t have to be an SEO pro to rank higher and get more traffic.” 

Ahrefs has triggered longing with the week’s trial subscriber number and top users mentioned. 


Canva has also used Specification and Lucrative rules in the headline. 

Website headline examples
Source: Canva

They specify that Canva is for everyone who wants to create professional designs. Secondly, they listed the top Canva benefits in the headline itself — easy to use and free!

Quick Headlines Writing Tips 

  • Write headlines first and then draft the rest of the web copy accordingly. 
  • Use simple 8th-grade level language, i.e., use Easily instead of Tardily. 
  • Connect main headings and subheadings together to convey your message. 
  • Use original facts or numbers to make a powerful headline. 

Secret Behind All Successful Website Headline Examples!

Be unique! 

Yep, take inspiration from all the amazing website headlines out there, but at the end, create a unique headline. 

Based on your product/service, targeted audience, and brand value, come up with a unique headline. 

That’s it for now! I hope this article helps you to create dynamic headlines. For further discussions, the comment box is always open. 

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