Copywriting for Beginners: 7 Best Copywriting Websites to Learn & Grow

Copywriting websites

Are you looking for the best copywriting websites to improve your writing skills?

Understand this; no one can teach you copywriting!

Then, what’s the purpose of this article?

Copywriting is an art as well as a science. Unfortunately, the art part is something that you can’t learn. You can only practice, practice and practice to master an art. 

Still, copywriting is also a science that requires constant learning and upscaling. And for that, you need to get the finest copywriting websites to sharpen your skills. 

Today there’s no scarcity of good copywriting resources. Simply type “Copywriting courses online,” and Google will throw copywriting websites your way. 

But, all the copywriting websites, videos, and podcasts can confuse new writers.

I get it!

That’s because I was once a confused newbie copywriter like you (5 years ago), with no idea where to start. Also, I have no budget to enroll in those fancy, expensive copywriting courses. 

So, what I did is I read a lot online and found some of the best copywriting websites that always helped me—

Learn new copywriting trends, techniques, and ideas. 

Today, I have a huge collection of good blogs and copywriting articles that can help new writers. In fact, I still go through these websites whenever I get stuck somewhere. 

Let’s scroll down to unveil 7 gems of copywriting. 

7 Best Copywriting Websites Out There (Their Best Articles)

1. The Gary Halbert Letter

Gary C. Halbert is the Superhero of copywriting. No, I’m not exaggerating here. Gary is one of the finest copywriters in history. 

His simple and powerful writing style has shown the world how a good copy can sell anything. 

The Gary Halbert Letter is a vanilla-looking copywriting website. But it holds some of the best copywriting lessons, such as:

  • How to engage your audience?
  • How to make your product look good?
  • What factors to highlight in sales copy? Etc. 

If you want to learn real copywriting, leaving behind all digital marketing limbo jumbo, go check out The Gary Halbert Letter once. 


  • Simple and easy-to-understand tone. 
  • Well-explained topics. 


  • Some information is a bit old for digital-age copywriting. 

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2. Copyblogger 

Copyblogger is one of the best copywriting learning websites for beginners. That’s because the tone and explaining methods are super simple on the site. You will feel like you are talking to a friend about copywriting. 

I find the topics they discuss quite useful. For example, Copyblogger articles are on the everyday problems that writers face, like:

  • How to improve productivity?
  • Tips to get high-paying clients.  
  • Ways to scale up your writing skills, etc. 

Besides copywriting, you can explore other sister topics on Copyblogger. For instance, email marketing, online business, and search engine optimization. 

Copyblogger is a prime example that you can get good rankings without advertising or sales marketing. 

All in all, I would like to thank Brian Clark for creating such an excellent copywriting website


  • Learn creative ideas to write introductions. 
  • Simple language. 
  • Moderate size blogs that you can read while sipping your morning coffee. 


  • Most courses are not free. 
  • They don’t post new articles often. 

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3. SmartBlogger 

SmartBlogger holds a special place in my heart. Not only do Jon Morrow and I share muscular dystrophy. But also a passion for writing. 

Keeping my unbiased opinion aside, you will find many long-form articles on SmartBlogger to improve your writing skills. 

They offer a complete toolkit for bloggers and authors to grow online. Many SmartBlogger students have written for Forbes, Copyblogger, and Entrepreneurs like publications. 

Most SmartBlogger courses are not free. But they can access many of Jon Morrow and his other team members’ blogs for free.

 If you read all the free material available on site, you can set up your own blog and score a few clients. 


  • Well-explained articles. 
  • It covers all the basic aspects of becoming a blogger. 
  • Use lots of examples in the articles. 
  • Offers many freebies. 


  • Some blogs are too long. 
  • Paid courses. 

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4. Neil Patel

Who doesn’t know Neil Patel today? 

He is a Digital Marketer, Author, Entrepreneur, and one of the top web influencers. Neil Patel also shares several blogs on his copywriting website, discussing almost every digital marketing topic. 

Besides reading copywriting articles on Neil Patel’s website, I suggest you analyze his writing style. Check how he uses examples, statistics, and images to explain every point. 


  • Variety of topics to explore. 
  • Well-explained posts. 
  • Excellent writing styles. 


  • Some articles are unnecessarily long and too promotional. 
  • Not focused only on copywriting. 

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5. Content Marketing Institute 

Joe Pulizzi created Content Marketing Institute, aka CMI, in 2007 as a hobby project. Within a short span, CMI became a global content marketing hub. 

On CMI, you will find a wide range of content marketing and related topics. The portal also allows guest blogs, so you can explore different tones and writing styles there. 

CMI publishes several studies, podcasts, and whitepapers on content marketing. In addition, CMI benchmark reports are my go-to whenever I need to use statistics or statements in my blogs. 


  • Offers infinite copywriting learning resources for free. 
  • Original studies and marketing analysis reports. 
  • Covers trendy topics around content marketing and digital marketing. 
  • Live shows, webinars, and many other events to join in. 


  • However, CMI website needs a better navigation system. 

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6. Backlinko

Many of you must be wondering how I can put Backlinko on number six?

Well, I have a reason. I am a great fan of Brian Dean and his super simple writing style, but his writing is sometimes too promotional. It is not at all bad to promote yourself when you are doing such great work. 

But it looks too annoying when you put every example and case study related to your work. 

Besides that, Backlinko is a perfect source to learn precise and clean copywriting. The graphic-rich layout, original resources, and examples make Backlinko the best copywriting learning website. 


  • Updated and trendy information. 
  • Simple language. 
  • Graphic-rich layout. 
  • Comprehensive guides. 


  • Though, some blogs are paid and too long. 
  • Don’t update often. 

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7. OkDork

One of my clients introduced me to this website. OkDork is a great site to explore

how to start a business, marketing, etc. 

Noah Kagan, the man behind OkDork, once was an employee and now tells entrepreneurs how to kick more asses. 

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or looking for a way to make money online, OkDork is the best option. It has many podcasts, blogs, guides, videos, and whatnot. 


  • A wide range of learning material. 
  • Well-explained topics with examples and statistics. 


  • It is a technical copywriting site. Thus, its language is slightly hard to understand for novice readers. 

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Best Copywriting Websites: Conclusion

When there’s a will, there’s a way. This idiom perfectly sums up copywriting learning experience for newbies. 

If you have the hunger to become a successful copywriter, you will find several ways to achieve your goals. Especially today, when Google has a platter of information ready for you. 

All you have to do is find the right copywriting resources online and start reading-writing with full dedication. That’s the best and only way to grow as a writer!

Okay, so now I am signing off, people. I get it; you now have many great copywriting resources to explore. 

But before you go anywhere else, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments. 

Oh, and for more fun, you can also follow me on social media (all links at the bottom). Oh, and for more fun, you can also follow me on social media (all links at the bottom). 

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