Can Long-form and Consistent Blogging Take Your New Website to #1 Page Results? 

Consistent blogging

Yes, you can grow your new blog site with long-form and consistent blogging without any social media or digital ads. 

Really 😫!

That’s not it! With a simple content creation strategy, you can grow your website in the most competitive niche. Don’t believe me?

I am about to share an excellent growth case study of my client — TechCommuters (TC). 

About four years ago, I started working with TC. I find myself fortunate to work with Dinesh Lakhwani (TechCommuters Founder) and learn technical writing from him. 

Throughout my journey, I have learned many new things about technical writing. But, one thing that most stood out to me is how they have honored SEO content. TC’s success story shows using high-quality and SEO-friendly content, you can still rank on the first page.

So, let’s see how consistent blogging can take you to the #1 ranking spot. 

About the Client

TechCommuters is a technical support website. It provides technical guides on operating systems like Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. They also publish software reviews and top 10 listicles.

TechCommuters Challenges

Technical support is not a new niche. In fact, it is one of the highest competitive niches on the internet. Most technology-related keywords have a high volume, so it is difficult to rank them.

Moreover, many extensive technical publications are available, like TechCrunch, Lifewire, TechRadar, Wired, etc. 

So, the main challenges for TC were:

Entering into SERP

A search engine results page (SERP) is the list of specific keywords that search engines generate in response to particular query words and phrases. It defines how your site appears on Google’s first page.

With technical keywords, it is not easy to enter into the SERP. According to Moz, “software” is the fourth most high-volume keyword. That means advertisers are bidding more on this keyword. 

Moz keywords results
Source: Moz

So, it was a big challenge for the TC to enter into SERP organically using high-value technical keywords and get indexed on Google.  

Consistent Blog Creation

Consistent blogging is a lot harder than it looks. It requires a professional editorial and content creators team to produce high-quality content regularly.

And all this requires a huge budget, which startups don’t have. So, it is challenging for all new websites to invest in consistent blogging within a limited budget.

TechCommuters Requirements 

Not only TC, but every new blogging site has these two core requirements:

Keyword-targeted Blogs

Keywords are the backbone of SEO. High-performing keywords are essential to make your content rank on search engines. 

Thus, finding the right keywords and drafting engaging blogs around them is the main requirement for digital businesses. 

Those times are gone when you can pick a random keyword for your blog. Today, you must use keyword analytical tools like Google Keywords Planner or Semrush to analyze keywords before inserting them into your blog. 

Besides this, Backlinko stated that on-page SEO is an essential ranking factor. 

Consistent Blogging 

Regular blogging is what helps you get established as an online brand. However, sharing one or two blogs in a month is not something that can help you win against market leaders. 

A study shows that 2–4 blogs per week are sufficient to generate traffic and conversions. Moreover, for online publications, regular content posting is also helpful to provide new value to their audience every day.

For consistent blogging, mass production of SEO-friendly content and publication is essential.

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TechCommuters Success Factors

Now, let’s get to the main part and see how TC succeeded in such a short span:

Consistent blogging
Source: Google

Hire Freelancers

TC opted for a full remote workflow to complete their work faster and at competitive rates. They only hired freelance writers and SEO experts to run their operations.

This not only helped them to get more content done at competitive rates. But, they were also able to produce mass content with high-quality standards.

Limited Blog Formats

Another great thing that they did was limit their blog format. They only create listicles and how-to guides with a standard format. 

It helps to create a unique brand voice. Plus, producing and reviewing significant content is easier when you have a preset format.

Long-form Content 

We all know long-form content works best online. In fact, Google ranks articles over 1890 words more on the first page.

TC simply adopted this strategy and created long-form content pieces. Most of their articles are between 1500 to 2000 words. Some top 10 articles even exceed 2000 words.

Visual Supports

Images are yet another important SEO ranking factor. They use original screenshots and software pictures at TC to complement their content. This helps readers to understand technical articles better.

The Results 

Consistent blogging
Source: SimilarWeb
  • As per SimilarWeb data, TechCommuters’ global ranking is #1,072,521 in August 2022. 
  • They have launched a sister website — BCC (Best Computer Cleaner). 
  • They are now an Internet-registered company with ₹1 lakh capital. 

So, Do You Also Want to Rank on #1 Search Results?

Does the TC story inspire you? Want to rank your website in the first spot like them?

Then, don’t wait and overthink.

Just hold the anchor of consistent blogging, and you can easily rank your website on the first page.

Don’t have time to produce regular content and do keyword research?

Then, no need to worry about it. Simply ping me on [email protected] or connect with me on social media so we can create a content creation plan to grow your online business.

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