5 Powerful Freelance Writing Lessons by Superheroes

Freelance writing lessons for beginners

Are you looking for some freelance writing lessons to grow your career? Then, why don’t you learn loops of the freelance writing industry from your favorite superheroes?

Yes, your favorite superheroes can offer the most powerful freelance writing tips than any other expensive writing course you find online.

That’s because being a freelance writer is not less hard than saving the world like superheroes. Being a freelance writer, you have to:

  • Constantly stay active on social media 
  • Hunt new clients 
  • Communicate with your current clients 
  • Keep up with the latest marketing trends 
  • Set your schedule 
  • Provide consultation and so much more… 

And, all this, you have to do on your own, which definitely requires some supernatural powers. Therefore, I spent my entire day going through my precious comic books collection and shortlisted 5 lessons that freelance writers can learn from superheroes. 

So, if you want to become a superb writer, follow these superhero writing lessons to dot:

Lesson 1: Use your imagination smartly by Green Lantern 

As we all know, Green Lantern’s ring endows its bearer with the power to materialize anything that they imagine. Similarly, writers are empowered with the power to turn their imagination into words and stimulate their readers to take action, especially copywriters. 

So, here freelance writing tip for beginners is to wisely use your imagination to write a compelling copy. Imagine how you can keep your readers engaged and motivate them to scroll down whenever you write something. 

You need to imagine your audience’s pain points, mentality, and preferences while writing engaging and entertaining content. Sounds hard, but with experience and time, you will know how to use your imagination power smartly like Lantern. 

Lesson 2. Get the right tools by Batman 

Batman is the only superhero who doesn’t have any supernatural power. But he doesn’t need superpowers anyway as he has high-tech gadgets and a super cool batmobile. 

So, the lesson here is — writers, you also need to use adequate tools to fight with the darkness like Batman, aka to write flawless content, such as:

  • Grammarly to refine your grammatical errors 
  • Hemingway to make your content readable 
  • Canva to adorn your writing with beautiful visuals, etc. 

Lesson 3. Honor your commitments by Spider-Man 

“With great power comes greater responsibility.” — everyone is familiar with this Spider-Man quote. Therefore, Spider-Man has a lesson on responsibility for you. 

Spidy here gives a lesson to take full responsibility for your work. If you have promised to deliver high-quality web content to your client on a certain date, it’s your responsibility to make it possible. Here delivering low-quality work or delaying delivery is simply unprofessional and bad for your career. Especially if you are a beginner, always keep this lesson in your mind for a progressive career. 

Lesson 4. Be resilient by Wolverine

Wolverine teaches writers to never give up. If your one client didn’t like your work or you didn’t get a project, it doesn’t mean you are a bad writer. It is just that you aren’t compatible with a project or niche, and you just need to slightly brush up your skills so you can get better-paying projects. 

Giving up isn’t simply an option in this $6.7 billion worth freelance industry. You need to be resilient like Wolverine to survive and grow here. 

Lesson 5. Make fruitful alliances by Captain American 

Captain America isn’t the fastest, strongest, or even the smartest Marvel universe. But, he has surrounded himself with the strongest and powerful people like Hulk, Aquaman, Superman, and others. 

So, here to grow as a freelance writer, you have to make alliances with your fellow writers, digital marketing agencies, SEO experts, and other relevant people who might ever need your services. 

Building a strong relationship with your clients is also an important lesson here. That’s because client referral is the biggest source of finding new clients for freelancers. As per the Harvard article, you can expect 16% more profit with referral customers. 

In fact, I haven’t searched for new clients on my own for so long now because I am getting sufficient leads from my current and previous clients. 

So, focus on building relationships at the beginning of your career as a writer. 


Let’s Implement Superhero Freelance Writing Lessons Now!

There you go, writers! Now, you know the top 5 powerful freelance writing tips for beginners by superheroes. So, let’s imagine like Lantern, get the right tools like Batman, and definitely work on your networking skills like Captain America. 

Oh, and if you like to share freelance writing lessons by your favorite superheroes, you can comment below because sharing is caring, people!

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